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Q Why should I choose Thermal Fogging over ULV cold fogging.

A Thermal Foggers generate a true fog of the smallest droplet size which stay in the air longer and therefore penetrate all areas more effectively. The larger droplet size generated by ULV foggers fall vertically to the ground which means that less areas within the space are treated. By comparison a Themal Fogger is significantly quicker and because the fog is much more visible the operator can be certain that all areas have been penetrated by the fogged disinfectant.

Q Can fogging be carried out whilst people are present in the space?

A No, firstly the equipment is noisy such that the operator must wear ear defenders. Secondly, the operator must wear at least an N95 face mask for protection against breathing the disinfectant whilst it is suspended in the air.

Q Does the process leave a strong chemical odour?

A Before the fog settles its presence makes the space an unpleasant place to be, however once the fog has settled then its odour is far less than that of bleach. Its neither pleasant nor unpleasant, no scent is added to mask any smell as it is not deemed necessary. On entering a previously fogged space an uninformed person will detect a ‘different’ unoffensive smell. Once informed the scent is somewhat reassuring.

Q After fogging has taken place how long will it take before it is safe to re-enter the space.

A With good ventilation then it will safe to enter the fogged space after 20-30 minutes. In a building with poor ventilation then it is recommended not to re-enter the building for 3-4 hours. Generally fogging takes place after close of business so that the building can be used as normal the following day.

Q Is fogging an effective replacement for regular cleaning routines?

A No fogging is a disinfection process that will make it safe to undertake normal activities within the space. Regular cleaning remains essential for good hygene.

Q How long does Vanoquat remain effective on surfaces.

A A number of days, however its effectiveness is reduced in line with the footfall and normal use of the space. We are dealing with an invisible enemy. The aim of daily fogging is to reduce to zero the number of viruses that have been introduced to a space during the hours of normal operation.

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