Rotala invests in Thermo Fogger disinfection

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Rotala invests in Thermo Fogger disinfection

Rotala has invested in Thermo Fogger disinfection equipment from Ionic Systems at each of its depots.

The group says that the units allow every coach or bus to begin its service day completely sanitised and virus free.

The Ionic Systems units allows disinfection to be accomplished quickly and cost effectively. Using ‘fogging’, the vehicle is sanitised in under three minutes. Disinfectant is volumised within the unit, and the fine mist then settles on every surface. It remains effective against coronavirus COVID-19 and other viruses and bacteria for more than 24 hours.

Rotala says that over and above the speed of delivery, a principle benefit of Ionic’s Thermo Fogger unit is that the application leaves no area untouched. The disinfectant it uses is fabric friendly.

Rotala CEO Simon Dunn adds: “Public transport is an essential service that meets many social, economic and environmental needs.

“This investment shows our clear commitment to passenger and driver safety. It is a clear signal that it is possible for proactive operators to take steps to assure people that it is safe to use public transport and give them the confidence to do so.”

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